Mexico- Cheap and Best Place For Summer Break

“Bien Viaje” is a useful expression for you to know when traveling and backpacking around Mexico. It is very likely that you will encounter many native Mexicans and their children when backpacking Mexico according to the excellent travel book The People’s Guide to Mexico. When doing so and departing from them, they may wish you Bien Viaje (Safe Journey). It is also a good idea to read up and do some research on this beautiful country.

Basic Info

A few basic backpacking and traveling Mexico information for one to know is that the traveler (from outside of Mexico) will likely be noticed by the locals wherever they may travel and camp. Remember that the traveler will look and be different and the locals will likely marvel at this. Children can be particularly persistent. But, these folks will mostly remain friendly. This means that if the traveler desires privacy, planning, and scouting for privacy will be of necessity. If privacy is not a necessity, it is also important to remember that the people can be a great source of information and creature comforts.

How one gets from Mexico while backpacking and traveling seem like a very basic question. Besides getting around on foot the travelers can get around a variety of ways.  RV Caravans can be the largest and most noticeable of ways to get around. But their special appeal is in the number of goods and foodstuffs these fellow travelers may be able to offer in trade in barter. That can be a good thing to know when the backpacker is running short on supplies.

Another good and economical thing to know is that it is equally acceptable to camp through Mexico via one’s car. Many backpackers and travelers have noted that this can be a very reasonably priced way to shelter overnight.

Security and Safety

While most places are safe and friendly to camp and backpack in Mexico, this lovely country has sometimes had some security issues appear in the international news. As was just mentioned, it is sometimes seen as best to rent a car than to bring in one with USA license plates.

Mexico is the best place to visit at any time of the year. Pack your bags, make your mind and let’s have fun in Mexico with your family and friends.

Yours truly, Tania

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