Wonderful Florida at the 30-A Seaside Villas

We all have that favorite place we like to go that is on the coast of a large Ocean, Mine is probably going to be the Beaches along the 30-A in the Florida panhandle. You have a stretch of highway that has a  group of amazing little seaside towns and quaint little restaurants and places that will keep you coming back for more and help you relax.

These great little towns have everything from shopping to fine dining and much much more for the sea lovers. The best part of all of it is most of the condos are dog-friendly and allow you to even take Fido to the beach with you.

There is one area that is dear to my heart. Alice beach. We met a nice couple there while we were vacationing that had just rehabbed a beach house and was taking a break from their endeavors. We were asking them how they learned to rehab homes. They stated that they owned a Garage Door Company in Oklahoma city that was an in for them. It had allowed them to meet many people that are in the home repair and rehabbing industry. So they decided to use their savings to come into the beach area here and purchase a used condo and rehab it to live in part of the year.

I will assume that if things go right for me and my career. I will be living down here within 12 months and ready to soak up the sun and sea salt laden air.

Its one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and would highly recommend you come here as well when you need your next beach get away.

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